About Me

I'm Greg Aidala, an award-winning entertainer and Certified Life / Business / Wellness Coach who has been mentoring and coaching since 2008. I built my career using techniques that were instilled in me through strong family values including hard work, sacrifice, forgiveness, passion, purpose and positive thinking. 


I'm dedicated to each person I work with to share the first-hand experience I've encountered along my journey to help you live more freely and goal-oriented within yourself. We'll work together in a co-creative and fun atmoshere that will leave you with a feeling of sincere accomplishment.


I look forward to helping you reach the next level of excellence within your own life by incorporating these skills I've used that have led to me a happy and balanced existence. Let's get started!

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How I Can Help You

One on One Coaching
and Self Improvements

Each session is one hour in length and can be scheduled for weekly or monthly appointments. Through my techniques, we'll work together to bring you to that prosperous place you want to be in life by:

  • Using a solid strategy leaving you more confident in decision making

  • Balancing work and home life

  • Getting unstuck and move past procrastination

With these methods, I'm confident you will see positive results that will leave you invigorated and motivated to become the best version of yourself.

List of companies Greg has worked with in the capacity of coaching, keynote talks and management efficiency:




When I was stuck with how I wanted my new business venture in advertising to go, a friend recommended Greg and his coaching skills. Greg was patient in helping me see that I have the power within myself to steer this new journey of mine. He was right, and I now have a business that works for me and allows me to lead a more fulfilled life.


-Michelle P.


I've known Greg for 11 years, and I continue to go to him when I need solid coaching, as I always find him to be a great listener and non-judgmental. Honestly, I don’t know anyone else who is as committed to helping others as Greg.

-Donna L.

Greg is easy to work with and has a pragmatic approach with helping me see my future with a clearer vision. I'm truly thankful for his coaching skills.

-Pete B.




$125 / hour


$500 for five (5) sessions / month

*Pricing for corporate events, keynote talks and management efficiency workshops vary depending on the event. Please email Greg to learn more. 

Greg is available to coach in person,* via Telephone and also, virtual coaching through both Skype and Zoom.

*depending on locale

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