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Hi everyone! Greg Aidala here. Thanks for visiting! I thought I'd give you just a brief background of who I am outside of the entertainment world and why I'm super passionate about coaching both individuals and businesses. Here goes...

I was raised and educated in upstate New York and I'm one of eight children. Four girls. Four boys. I fall number seven in line. When my mother died in 1981 of breast cancer, my father John, gathered us all together and said that we could get through this tough time with teamwork, love and humor. He raised all eight of us on his own (never remarrying) all while running the family auto dealership business, Quail Auto Sales that was started by my grandfather in 1943 and is still thriving today.
Aside from my supportive father, brothers and sisters, I've always made mention to my paternal grandmother (Idell) who became our "second mother" when we were young. My Sunday's growing up consisted of going to church, my father would cook us breakfast and then, we would visit my grandmother who would have lunch and dinner prepared for us. This occurred every Sunday until she passed in 1994. Each week, my grandmother had a new joke, she would tell us that anything is possible and to always say YES to life. Positive thinking is so essential to becoming the best version of yourself and I'm forever grateful for the guidance my grandmother instilled in all of us. Her life lessons are one of my many motivators of passing on such positivity not only to clients, but to every person I encounter.

Now, within my 22-year career, I've had good shows and not-so-good shows. Haven't we all had good and bad days? What do you do? I'll tell you what I do: Firstly, I reach out to trusted to family and friends to talk and begin to regroup. I play three instruments (guitar, harmonica and drums) that help keep me balanced. These types of approaches are a great way to recenter yourself when you feel the world is against you.

I'll leave you with this:

"The combination of having a close family with strong values placed on family, hard work, focus, purpose, altruism and positive thinking while being raised around a family business instilled the drive, dedication and awareness that has helped me become successful. I want to be your co-creative coach that helps you become the best version of yourself."  
- Greg Aidala

Thanks for reading along and I hope to work with you soon!

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